After many years of experiences as active Riders in Motocross and Enduro, and from the production environment, the mechanics of the depot and the trade, we , together with the best companies in the field of production have created our rear sprockets, designed for the most demanding mechanics and racers, in the most demanding conditions.


Special material so that it meets our terms and conditions, is imported from Germany, which is known for its demands on quality and precision. This material is the best thing to make rear sprockets can currently be used and is developed to withstand the most demanding conditions.

This kind of aluminum is up to 66% lighter than steel, and incredibly durable. Its advantage over steel is not only in its lightness, which causes less rotating mass (for better power transfer of the engine), but also in its flexibility, because steel can bend in contact and thus cause crashing of the chain. Aluminum is flexible and so is less likely to cause this damage.



After a long selection process to find the right company that is able to meet our demanding production conditions, we have selected a company that deals with the highest production of metal components and has the most modern machines in the world. Thanks to this we have a guaranteed maximum accuracy of important parts of the rear sprockets so as to comply with the following conditions:

  • The exact shape of the teeth in our special rear sprockets not only extends the life, but also reduces friction and rotary resistance and thus least reduces the performance of the motorcycle.
  • The exact shape of the holes on the mounting screws is the most important part avoiding that which is the practice for some competitive products, causing big problems with fitting. It is important that after the correct Assembly the rear sprocket sits exactly in its place and does not cause damage to other components of the motorcycle (hub, chain, etc.) and at the same time promotes the performance of the motorcycle and, of course lengthens the life of the rear sprockets.
  • The design and implementation of precision rear sprockets are calculated so that they are properly balanced with the forces that are on the rear sprocket during the drive transmission.
  • The appearance of the rear sprockets. We had to combine the various aspects together. Devise a structure that properly balances the applied force and give the rear sprockets an attractive appearance. Our demanding requirements were also applied to the final edit before the finish, so we created a rear sprocket which had a professional look and structure. We found together such production processes that minimize surface blemishes and thus give a rear sprocket appearance without the various grooves, abrasions and marks after unprofessional treatment (sanding, etc.). By combining these aspects we have created rear sprockets with a unique appearance, which give every motorcycle an exclusive look. (see 3D animation on the home page)

Surface finish

For surface treatment, we chose an anodized surface. This surface treatment undertaken for us by a company, which has operated in the aerospace industry for several decades and has, therefore, invaluable experience of this chemical process. This type of aluminium anodizing not only increases the resistance and durability of rear sprockets, but also excels in different attractive colours.